White Irish Drinkers (2011)


Movie: Limitless (2010)

Directed by: John Gray
Starring: Geoffrey Wigdor, Karen Allen, Peter Riegert
Language: English
Release Date:March 25th, 2011

Movie Synopsis: The movie is Drama.If you like drama,you can not miss it.The movie is very wonderful.The movie mainly tells the story of a family.The lived in Brooklyn New York in the United States.At first they live very well.Later their father is Addicted to alcohol.He can’t get rid of it.It brings many trobles to his family.The happy life is not happy.His mother is very sad of that.He tells him that he can not do so.But he still can not get rid of it.Gradually they go the wrong way.What will happen next?Can the family get through the troubles?I think the movie will be very good.It is worth to seeing.You can enjoy it at weekends.How the situation will develop?You can share with me.I will be very happy.

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