Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems 2019

Movie: Uncut Gems 2019

Released: 2019-12-25
Director: Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie
Language: English
Starring: Julia Fox, Idina Menzel, Adam Sandler

Movie Synopsis: Howard Ratner likes gambling. As long as he has money, he will gamble, and it is a kind of high-risk sports gambling. He always thinks that this kind of high-risk gambling can bring him very high returns.In fact, this is not the case. He owes a lot of money because of gambling, which leads to the breakdown of his relationship with his wife.

To save it all, he bought an uncut gems from abroad, hoping to get a lot of money through auction. When his friend knew about it, he found Howard Ratner, hoping that he could lend the uncut gems to him and bring him good luck.In order to gain trust, his friend gave Howard Ratner a ring of his own, and as a mortgage, Howard Ratner reluctantly agreed.

When Howard Ratner wanted to get uncut gems back, he found that he was cheated. From this moment on, Howard Ratner embarked on the road of treasure hunt.

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