The Mandalorian 2019

The Mandalorian 2019

Movie: The Mandalorian 2019

Released: 2019
Creator: Jon Favreau
Language: English
Starring: Brendan Wayne, Pedro Pascal, Kyle Pacek

Movie Synopsis:

This TV series has two seasons in total, the first season: eight episodes in total. The story tells of a warrior who came to another planet to perform a mission.

The warrior accepts a task, the task is to kill one person called “Victor Mins”. But when the warrior are carrying out the task,he find that the target who he want to kill is dead Stonebanks,it let his fell very strange,because Stonebanks should have died. But the task doesn’t seem as easy as he thought, so that the task fails, Stonebanks escapes.

Drummer is very unhappy about that the warrior don’t complete the task, Drummer tells warrior he will use the information again to find Stonebanks,this time he will catch Stonebanks ,and sent him to another planet. But this is the last chance for him, he must complete the task.

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