The King of Staten Island (2020)

The King of Staten Island (2020)

Movie: The King of Staten Island (2020)

Released: 2020
Director: Judd Apatow
Language: English
Starring: Ricky Velez, Pete Davidson, Bel Powley

Movie Synopsis: It’s a comedy movie. It’s on June 12, 2020.

The story is about Scott’s father’s death at the age of seven. His father was a fireman, but unfortunately his father died in a fire fight. From then on, he and his mother depended on each other.

Scott has a hobby. He likes tattooing very much. His dream is to be a tattoo artist. Then he paints many interesting patterns on his body.

Many years later, Scott has grown up. He is a young man in the majority of 20. He doesn’t work or work hard. He eats, drinks and plays with a group of friends all day. Scott’s mother is very angry and loses confidence in him.

His mother found a new boyfriend, and from this moment on, the story changed. Will Scott get along well with his mother’s new boyfriend? It is worth our expectation.

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