Tenet 2020

Tenet 2020

Movie: Tenet 2020

Released: 2020
Director: Christopher Nolan
Language: English
Starring: John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Robert Pattinson

Movie Synopsis: The director of this film is Christopher Nolan. His works are Dunkirk, inception, interstellar… These films are very wonderful.

This time, the science fiction movie that Christopher Nolan brought to us is tenet. This movie is different from the previous ones. We need to think about and understand the real intention of the movie. In the film, John David Washington plays the protagonist.

At the beginning of the story, the protagonist is conducting a test, and it turns out that he is very lucky to pass. When he woke up, the examiner told him, “not everyone can pass.”.

From then on, the protagonist joined in the rescue of the world, and he and his partners prevented a more terrible action than nuclear destruction, which was a reversal of time and space, and a race against the clock. “We were attacked by people of the future,” one woman told him.

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