Scorpion Season 1

Scorpion Season 1

Movie: Scorpion Season 1

Released: September 22, 2014
Director: Justin Lin
Language: English
Starring: Walter O’Brien, Paige Dineen ……

Movie Synopsis: At the beginning of the story is about a helicopter carrying the commandos coming to Walter’s house, and rushes into the room to arrest Walter, they find that Walter is a genius child. The reason Walter is arrested is that he designed Scorpion, the plan is just for painting the shuttle’s blueprint on the wall, but the plan is utilized by bad people .

Years later, Federal Agent Cabe Gallo find Walter, and tell him the automatic upgrading software of Losangeles Airport control tower, as result some problems occur, now all communication systems paralyze, if do not contact with flight, the plane will run out of fuel and crash, the situation is very urgent. Walter and his team try their best to contact with flight, although Walter solves some problems, but the situation is very bad, a series of new problems make him feel headache, in the encourage of Paige Dineen, Walter’s team manages to complete the task.

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