Rick and Morty Season 4

The Way He Looks

Movie: Rick and Morty Season 4

Released: 2019
Director: Bryan Newton,Stephen Sandoval,Wes Archer, Justin Roiland,
    John Rice,Jeff Myers
Language: English

Movie Synopsis: Morty is a naughty little boy. Although he is very naughty, he doesn’t want to be protected by his parents too much, in his heart he is longing for self-reliance, and wants to have a independent life like normal children.

He has a good friend named Giovana, they go to school and swimming together. It seems that a new transfer student called Gabriel changed all. Gabriel likes listening music, dancing, and when he opens the music, Leonardo also seems to love it, all this is going to be visible by Gabriel, and he takes the initiative to pull Leonardo to dance together.Morty came home late, his grandfather Rick was waiting for him, and the interesting story was about to begin.

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