Parasite 2019

Movie: Parasite 2019

Released: 2019
Director: Bong Joon Ho
Language: –
Starring: Sun-kyun Lee, Yeo-jeong Jo

Movie Synopsis: This is a movie from South Korea. It tells the story of a poor family living in the basement. There is a boy, a girl and their parents in this family.

The story is that a friend of the boy is going to go abroad. His friend introduced him to a job with a very high salary when he left. But he didn’t go to university, so he didn’t have a university certificate. When the boy came home, his sister made a fake college certificate for him. Then he came to the rich family, and successfully got the trust, and got the job with high salary.

The driver and the nanny were set up, and then the boy arranged his parents and sister to work in the rich family. They felt very happy when they moved to this beautiful big house from a very poor place. When they were having fun, suddenly someone rang the doorbell, and their mother went out to have a look. It turned out that it was the nanny who came back to pick up things while the hostess was not at home. Then something unexpected happened, and everyone was scared.

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