Mulan 2020

Movie: Mulan 2020

Released: 2020
Director: Niki Caro
Language: English
Starring: Yifei Liu, Li Gong, Donnie Yen

Movie Synopsis: The story happened a long time ago, a beautiful girl and her parents lived happily in a small village. The girl’s name is Mulan.

Suddenly one day, an officer came to their small village. Tell them that the war has reached their home. Men are going to join the army and protect the country. But Mulan’s father is an old man, his mother said that his father might not be able to return this time. The Mulan family were very sad, finally Mulan made an important decision.

The next day, she put on the boy’s clothes. Come to the army to sign up and get the soldiers’ armor. Join the army for my father and go to the battlefield.

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