Joker (2019)


Movie: Joker

Released: 2019
Director: Todd Phillips
Language: English
Starring: Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Joaquin Phoenix

Movie Synopsis: Joker seems have all the beautiful things in his life. But at this time, something is coming closer to him and his life is in a mess then. All this begins with the appearance of the stranger moves in his next door and becomes his neighbor.

At first, he seems like a great guy and a good neighbor. But gradually the people notices that there is something wrong with him. Doubts bothering them, but them can say out because nobody else notice the unusual situation including his mother. After witnessing some very unusual activity, That is a terrible thing, what is worse, joker can rely on nobody except himself. So the night is doomed to be unordinary night. Joker has to do something to stop the nightmare.

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