Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne

Movie: Jason Bourne

Released: 23 August 2016
Director: Paul Greengrass
Language: English
Starring: Matt Damon, Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones

Movie Synopsis: The movie tells the story that CIA system was hacked, if this happens then the agents’ identity will be revealed. In the beginning of the movie, Jason is in the state of memory loss, but strong Jason slowly remembers who he is, at the same time he also thinks of a lot of affairs of the past, but Heather tells him that remembering all does not represent knowing all, so Jason begins to look for the big secret of his life experience.

After CIA system was hacked, they feel the seriousness of the matter, and send killer to kill Jason, but things are not so simple, the CIA tell him: “you will be unpeaceful, unless you face true self “……

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