Frozen II

Frozen II

Movie: Frozen II

Released: 22 November 2019
Director: Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck
Language: English
Starring: Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Kristen Bell

Movie Synopsis: The story takes place in a beautiful kingdom, there are two lovely princess in the kingdom, Anna and Elsa. They have a wonderful childhood, living a happy life. In a play, Elsa accidentally used her magic to hurt her sister Anna, in order to save the princess’ life, the king asks the elves to save her daughter.

The elves learns that Anna is hurt by Elsa’s magic, and tell the king Elsa’s magic will become increasingly powerful, Elsa must learn to control it, otherwise it will be very dangerous. For safety, in order not to let other people know about this, the king orders to close the gate, don’t let anyone to be near Elsa. A few years later, at a party, Elsa is not very good control of her magic, results the blunder,and frozen the whole kingdom.

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