Borat 2

Borat 2

Movie: Borat 2

Released: 2020
Director: Jason Woliner
Language: English
Starring: Maria Bakalova, Sacha Baron Cohen, Tom Hanks

Movie Synopsis: It’s a comedy movie and Borat 2 is a sequel.

The first episode, released by 20th Century Fox, was released in the United States in November 2006. The second episode, released by Amazon, will be released on October 23, 2020 and will last about 95 minutes.

The story is about Borat going to the United States, but before he went to America, he returned to the place where he lived, but the neighbors hated him very much. Borat told his neighbors that he was going to the United States, and the reaction of the neighbors was so strong that they hoped that he would not come back again.

Borat pulled a wooden car with a big wooden box on it. With a package on his back, he went to America in this way. After arriving in America, a lot of jokes happened.

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