One Piece: Stampede (2019)

One Piece: Stampede

Movie: One Piece: Stampede

Released: 2019
Director: Takashi Otsuka
Language: English
Starring: Monkey D. Luffy(voice), Nami(voice)

Movie Synopsis: At four thirty-five in the afternoon, San Francisco Police Station, Hiro tells the police a masked man with a “micro robot” attacks him, but the police doesn’t believe him, let him leave the true name and telephone number, he is afraid that the police will find his parents, while the police turns around to get a pen and paper, he escapes.

In order to defeat the masked man, he has to do himself. Hiro is a child prodigy who is proficient in robot technology, he arms his robot companion. He finds all kinds of parts to arm his robot companion as a flying robot.

Hiro and his robot companion become the heroes of saving the city.

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