Movie: Beetlejuice

Released: 1988
Director: Tim Burton
Language: English
Starring: Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, Michael Keaton

Movie Synopsis: Beetlejuice is not a horror movie. The story is about a very loving couple who were in a car accident when they were traveling. Then they came home and found a book. From this book, they learned that they were dead. Now they are ghosts. Although they have become ghosts, they do not want to leave their home.

After a while, their house moved in, a little girl, and her father and mother. The little girl likes to take pictures very much. She finds that there are two ghosts in the house, and they become good friends.

The little girl’s father and mother planned to redecorate the house. The two ghosts tried every means to prevent it. The result was a failure, but the ending was perfect.

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